Application for the Title of European Professional Biologist

Please read the ‘Notes for guidance’ and the ‘Regulations for the European
Professional Biologist title’ before completing the form.

If elected, I agree to abide by the European Professional Biologist Code of Conduct
and ethics that, in order to serve European society and to promote its values, I shall:

  • conduct myself honourably so as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the
    biological profession;
  • keep my knowledge up to date, so that I am competent to practise as a
    professional biologist
  • apply the highest scientific principles to my professional activities, and take
    into account the long term effect of those activities on the environment;
  • value and respect all living organisms and systems

I certify that the information given on this application form and in any attachment is
correct to the best of my knowledge; I further declare that I will abide by the decision
of the European Countries Biologists Association in pursuance of this application.

 Application form

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