Activities of the Steering Committee and Council
  • Participation in an EU qualification program for Liberal Professions to develop a professional registration system including EU-ID-ProCard in Nov. 2013.
  • The ‘European Alliance for Subject-Specific and Professional Accreditation and Quality Assurance’ [EASPA] was founded during a meeting at the ASIIN offices in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 29 November 2011. EASPA is a pan-European platform for quality assurance in higher education, uniting eight member professional associations in Europe, which act as European field-specific networks.
  • Working with the AIM group to streamline the continuous professional education (CPE) for professionals working in medicine development. Initial meeting was in October 2011 in the UK.
Activities of the EPB-Committee
  • Certification of EPBs from 9 EU nations and 3 Commonwealth countries in 2010-2015
  • Building up an EPB database with self-editable personal information in addition to officially approved data.
  • EPC Commission meetings and Skype conferences.
  • Report of the EPB Commissioner at the ECBA Council Meetings (CM)
  • relaunch of the EPB website was on June 2010
Activities of the national EPB officers
  • Scanning their biological associations for potential new EPBs
  • Informing their biological associations about the new information material, which is now available on the EPB website as well as on the ECBA website.
  • Informing biologists in their countries about the EPB program of ECBA as a renewed strategy to guarantee comparability of qualifications in the EU.
    Bringing professional biologists in 27 EU countries together.
  • Using xing/facebook/linkedin for member contacts!
Activities for members:
  • Advertizing the EPB title at EU institutions in Bussels.
  • Offering the EPB-title as a quality label to the European Commission
  • Develloping an official professional ID-card for EPBs
  • EPB-Meetings are optional meetings, which will not be scheduled regularely.
    The next EPB meeting will appear in NEWS and all certified EPBs will be invited via mail.

Important strategic EPB-meetings:

EurProBiol-Meeting 2010: it was planned to be held in Brussells (Nov. 2010)

EPBs from all countries have been invited to send proposals for contributions (presentations of about 10 minutes).

The proposals have been collected by the EPB-Committee and the authors got information until September, whether their proposals have been accepted for specific sessions.

Important stategic decisions concerning professional EU qualification and EU acknowledgement have been important topics for future professional mobility in Europe.


  • code of conduct
  • bachelors and the EPB
  • networking
  • European qualifiacations framework for biology
  • New biology; helping EU to gain benefit from EurProBiols
  • ……..

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