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STEP 1: For renewal of your EPB (EurProBiol) registration after 3 years for another 2 years, please contact the EPB-commission about 4 weeks before the expiration date, named in your certificate via mail; (
Please include in this mail all necessary documents, showing the commission that you still fulfill all EPB-standards, including ongoing professional training (EU directive for Life Long Learning!).
You may use the  registration-form, to update your application for renewal.
Your application may be formless, but the commission will definitely need some documents about:
– full-time job as a professional biologist (written and signed by yourself or by your employer and/or by your tax consultant or your scientific society/prof. assoc.)
– measures in the context of lifelong learning (courses, congresses, workshops etc.) (EU-guideline 2005/36/EG)
– publications (if you have written some papers)
– references/reference lists (projects, customers, etc.)
– and whatever you think, may show your professional status.
STEP 2: assessment of your online application by the EurProBiol commission and your national ECBA member body.
You will receive a mail from the commission, confirming your incoming application. In case of missing details, you will be informed.
STEP 3: in case of a positive decision of the commission,
– internal filing of the relevant paperwork and
– receiving your ECBA application fee (actually 75.- €; please see also “application” in the menu),
the ECBA Secretary in London will print your certificate and will register you in the EPD-database.
Please do not pay your fees (please see “notes” below) until you have received a confirmation from the EPB commission.
All necessary bank details are listed also on this website and information about fees is noted in the “application”!
In case of any questions or problems, please contact our treasurer via mail or telefone.
STEP 4: the ECBA Secretary – controlled by the EurProBiol commission – will send you the official certificate.
You will also receive your individual password for the EPB-database by the webmaster. With your password, you are able to enter the member area and edit your personal data in the public EurProBiol register. You will also have access to all member functions, including instant messaging and networking with your colleagues.

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The Netherlands

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