EurProBiol register

If you wish to contact a member, please feel free to contact the web master for their contact details.

Dr Jason Mark Weeks Cambs. PE28 5QL
Mr Gerard Hendrick Weenk Auckland 1705
Mr Roland Weimer D-80939 Munchen
Dr Paul Nicholas Whitehead Beaconsfield HP9 1RT
Prof Peter Anthony Whittaker Maynooth
Dr Martin Graham Wilding 80125 Napoli
Miss Kirstin Wilken
Prof Derek Albert Willoughby London EC1M 6BQ
Dr Peter Wong-Morrow Elstree WD6 3PN
Dr Barry John Woodhams 95130 Le Plessis-Bouchard
Dr Kevin Nicholas Woodward Cobham KT11 3AE
Mr Michael R. Wright Abingdon OX14 2HS
Dr Christos Yapijakis Athens 11528
Mr William Easton Yeomans Clackmanshire, FK10 2DZ
Dr John Hok Keung Yeung Shatin NT
Dr Maria Zaccaro 70026 Modugno (BA)
Dr Angelina Zambrano 84100 Salerno (SA)
Prof Isaac Jacob Zeitlin E.Renfrewsire G46 6LU
Miss Rita Zelo
Prof Nikolai Zhelev Newport on Tay DD6 8NR
Dr Andrea Zocchi CH-2000 Neuchatel / NE
Dr Stefano Zolea 00154 Roma (RM)

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